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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Product Review: Neogence Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse

This neogence skincare product origin from Taiwan. It was a professional medical beauty which developed by skin care doctor.Thus, this product very safe to use on our face and mild on our skin.
It appeared in mousse type. If you have watch Taiwan tv show, niu er (skin care expert) has recommended this cleanser to us. It has ability to deep cleanse, moisturising and our skin feel refreshing. This recommend to the working people and who need to wake up early for working, it was express cleansing, you not need to use your usual cleanser to make into foam. It SAVE YOUR TIME to wash your face. Really good. After i used it, i didnt feel dryness on my face and it moisturise and refreshing. Niu er Skin care expert from taiwan said "We use fine bubbles to wash our face and not using hand to wash it.

Cleansing Mousse, foaming and wash clean and refreshing skin
Amino acid was a nature active ingredient, it was gentle and cleansing function. Besides deep cleansing, it also moisturing, increase skin metabolism and soften our dead skin.
  • Contain nature active ingredient amino acid, weak acid pH5.5, mild and gentle, all skin type
  • amino acid like water and like oil thus it can completely wash our face impurities and excess oil, refresh and not dried our skin
  • Fine bubbles, deep cleanse our pores, gentle cleanse, retain skin moisture and after washing wont feel dry.
  • When washing, use light motion to massage on face, and not need too hard to massage the mousse on face.
  • After washed your face, you will feel refresh, soft and smooth. Then, your skin will get better pamper by your following skin care regime.
泡沫潔顏、細緻綿密 ,洗出水嫩QQ臉。
◎ 含天然活性成份胺基酸,接近肌膚弱酸性pH值,溫和不刺激,各種膚質適用。
◎ 胺基酸親水又親油的特性,能徹底洗淨臉部污垢及多餘油脂,清爽不殘留。
◎ 細緻泡沫,深層潔淨毛孔,溫和洗顏,保留水分,洗後不乾澀不緊繃。
◎ 輕鬆按壓,溫和的質地、細緻豐潤的泡沫瞬間湧現。
◎ 洗後如同敷完臉般柔滑水嫩,讓洗臉成為充滿幸福的享受!

Amino Acid
Amino acid was main component to build proten,and it half like water and half like oil. Thus, we can wash our face cleanly, control oil balance and moisturising our skin and others. Our skin surface contain amino acid so the amino acid cleansing mousse won't cause any sensitivity on our skin and it was very mild active ingredient.
胺基酸(Amino acid)

Main ingredients:
TEA Coconut Glutamate、Amino Acid、Aqua、Glycerin、Green Tea Saponin、 Aloe、Betain、Alkyl Glucoside、Methyl Paraben(0.03%)、Fragrance

Steps to use it:
  1. Press for mousse on palm
  2. Use fingers to massage mousse on face
  3. Rinse with water then continue for your skincare regime
STEP1. 按壓適量於掌心。
STEP2. 以指腹輕輕按摩臉部後。

STEP3. 再以清水洗淨即 可。

150ml RM39.00. Sasa (quite cheap product but promise give a good result and why don't have a try? It was doctor develop product. low irritation..Suit sensitive people use).On the other hand,it has whitening range and hydration range at Sasa too. I may try their whitening set in future. Since their product good to use and cheap in price..nice try.:)

For this taiwan product more information can refer to this website

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