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Monday, April 16, 2012

Review for revitalift pro contouring system for face,contours and neck

In the progress using. I bought this in Uk pharmacy. Hopefully see effect in one week.
 Together with massage tool and made my skin looks firmed.
 On the first day before using the roller
After using the massage roller, i have to apply the cream on my face to enhance the effect of massaging.

I put roller on my face. Try not put too much pressure on face. Rolled on face not more than 5 times. 
 After using one week roller on my face, It seem have little effect on my chubby face. I used it in the morning and at night for continuous 7 days.

My face does look firmer compare to before used it. I like the roller. After i finished the products, i still can use roller on my face after apply cream.
When i applied my make up on my face, it quite easy put on my face. I want more firmer skin. So i have to continue to use it so my face wont start lose firmness. Need to reduce my chubby face. Ganbatte for myself. I forgot to mention that i bought this product from UK. I bought it during offer 9.99 pounds and original price is 14.99 pounds. Does it sell in Malaysia? Hope to get it in Malaysia in future.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My double eyelid appearance.

After did the double eyelid
My eyes bit swell for the few days
My eye with double eyelid stitch

Still Swell

After few weeks, it looks normal.

It getting look natural..Yeah

Review: Lancome Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%]

I really like anti-aging product. I heard good review about this product. Thus, i decided to give it a try. It claims not only anti wrinkle, it also able even skin tone, pores look tightened and skin more smooth and soft.

Thanks to lancome 10 years research and finally able to find solution for more beauty skin. Today, anti-wrinkle not enough, pore size and skin complexion also take into consideration. The power of LR2412 which is molecule has been designed to deliver its benefits through the skin. This molecule is to enhance the skin's natural self renewal processes.
I pump out from the bottle of visionnaire. It appeared in white colour appearance, light texture and smell nice. I applied on face and easy absorbed into my skin. I remembered the first touch on my face very soft and smooth. I applied every night together with genifique. After using genifique then apply visionaire. I just applied two days ago. I need to see the effect after 1 week.

After using it

After using it. I felt face skin became more luminous and clear. Besides that, my skin also felt smooth and pores size reduce too. Unexpectedly, my skin texture and firmness getting better too. I really like it. But it quite expensive for me.

More update soon for skincare..

I finally back...i want continue update my skincare...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

kose infinity workshop

Thanks for anna let me join the workshop

There was a lot of skincare there

there are oil based cleansing cream, tone up cleanser, lotion, serum concentrate(emulsion), eye cream and cream. The cream most expensive which was RM700 plus.

Finally i bought the voucher which was RM150 free 3 piece of masks which cost RM120 and free facial treatment and fully redeemed for products. I redeemed this product and cotton mask RM157.

freebies this month

got this free clarins sample from isetan klcc

got this free latest anti pollution sunblock

got free samples from estee lauder roadshow

won this darphin skincare from queen magazine worth rm600 plus.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Estee lauder Brightening Workshop

Around 2pm, i attended estee lauder Brightening workshop at HQ midvalley there.

Lots of products let us to try with it.
Got this deluxe size samples from estee lauder to try their latest whitening range which can obtain brilliant skin. I want luminous skin. This set got cleanser, toner, essence, creme and sunblock. I will review soon for the products. It was no 1 product in asia. I bought their sunblock and essence before. It quite mild whitening care and wont clog pores and cause allergy.