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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Japanese Magazine from Kinokuniya

Bought a bag of magazine

Got this bag for RM42.80

Got this bag for RM37.20

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv

Got this sample from Estee Lauder invitation card. Thanks Estee Lauder gave me chance to try their latest product

BA gave me moisturiser and serum to try. I quite like their serum. I tried their product at the counter.

List of their product
  1. Ultimate Lift Age Correcting Creme RM930 for 50ml
  2. Ultimate Lift Age Correcting Creme Rich RM930 for 50ml
  3. Ultimate Lift Age Correcting Serum RM800/30ml
  4. Ultimate Lift Age Correcting Eye Creme RM395 for 15ml
It really expensive for me. I read their catalogue from estee lauder. Black tourmaline, south sea pearls and Colloidal Gold are the most expensive active ingredients for this range of product. Black Tourmaline believes can stimulate the production of collagen of skin. Besides that, it can enhance facial lifting too. South sea pearl which can brighten skin and renew skin whereas Colloidal Gold which can anti-inflammatory and reduce skin allergy. So impressive these products.

Besides that, this range also include life renew molecules technology to extract marine ingredient to produce awesome skin care product.
  1. Phormidium Persicinum
    - known as rock of life which was algae from the sea. Survive in the earth for more than 3000000 years. It mostly found near south africa Umbilo River. It provide amazing skin protection. It use to repair skin cell.
  2. Laminaria Digitata Extract- known as Silketare. Silketare which means active ingredient can increase life span of gene SIRT-3 of cell. Gene play main role in skin formation. Thus, this main ingredient can keep our gene young and active.
  3. Ergothioneine- EGT which was peptide and contain antioxidant function. EGT supply energy to cell. Then cell can be active and have ability to protect itself from harmful free radical.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Laneige multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack

This was the latest multiberry yogurt repair pack. Full of berries smell. Previous yogurt pack was made of strawberry and have some pink granules. This latest upgrade pack contained new fermented yogurt which can stimulate collagen production. Collagen production made me so interested to try it.

Information of product
  1. Sogurty specialised fermented yogurt promotes collagen synthesis and enhances defense ability of skin from harmful external causes to leave skin healthier and firmer. Its anti inflammatory effects also soothes skin from skin troubles.
  2. berryblend complex delivers abundant nutrition and antioxidants to eliminate harmful free radical.
  3. NAG( N-acetyl D Glucosamine) one of the NMF ( natural moisturising factor) and Niacinamide ( component of vitamin b) softens and clear micro size dead skin cells left after exfoliating for even denser and smoother skin texture.
  4. fresh creamy texture of yogurt nourishes skin with soft touch.
  1. Used after face wash and skin refiner
  2. Take an appropriate amount (2.5cm ) and evenly spread on the face avoiding eye area.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water about 5-10 minutes later
  4. use in 1-2 a week
  5. For best result, use laneige multiberry yogurt peeling gel in advance
  6. CAUTION: Do not eat.:)( it really smell good in butter)

I got this sample from BA. Cant wait to try it

It appeared in creamy type.

I spread it over my face and it smell of butter. I remembered the BA told me it contained shea butter which means can moisturise our skin. Really smell good. felt like to lick it. :)

After 5-10 minutes i rinse off, my face appear brighten and moisturize. Really refreshing my face.

Overall, i like this upgrade laneige repair pack. Hope it can really stimulate the collagen production of my skin. I believe use it continuously can boost the collagen production. It really creamy can smell good. Really want to eat it. My face smooth and brighten immediately after i rinse off. RM100 for 80ml. It can last for long period since it use 1-2 times a week. Especially recommend to dry skin. It really help you retain back moisture of skin. Good to try. I still have their previous strawberry pack and have to finish them grab this one for collagen boost up..:)

Review: Laneige multiberry yogurt peeling gel

Sound exciting about the latest upgrade laneige multiberry yogurt peeling gel. I quite like their peeling gel. I used the old version one. Let me finish it then only purchase this new one. I asked BA the old version strawberry wont sell in the market. This type of peeling gel can be use on wet face compare to the previous one. The previous one need to apply on dry skin then only can do exfoliating job.

Information about multiberry yogurt peeling gel
  1. Natural konjac (Mannan) beads gently exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities with short time of massage.
  2. Sogurty a specialised fermented yogurt has anti inflammatory effects to soothe skin from skin troubles
  3. Berryblend complex ( various berry extracts from raspberries, blueberries, wolfberries, cranberries,and strawberries) delivers abundant nutrition and antioxidant to eliminate harmful free radicals.
  1. Used on wet skin after facial wash
  2. Take an appropriate amount (2cm in diameter recommend) and gently massage over the face using gentle circular movement with the fingertips, then rinse with lukewarm water.
  3. use 1-2 times in a week
  4. for best result, follow with laneige multiberry yogurt repair pack. Avoid eye area

I got the sample from BA and hurry try it on my skin.

Just take out some to try on my hand.

After scrubbing on my hand, my hand felt smooth and radiant.

After using peeling gel, my face looks radiant and smooth.

Overall, the result is good and refreshing my skin. Currently i still using their strawberry peeling gel and hopefully finish soon to grab this multiberry. Multiberry was good in antioxidant and moisturizes. Fermented yogurt good for soothing inflammatory skin. I love multiberries new improve and it smell good too. It is good that laneige multiberry peeling gel can use on wet face. I always forgot to use strawberry peeling gel after wash my face. RM95 for 120ml. Price quite reasonable for me. It can use for long period. Since it only small amount can do exfoliate job on my face. Their packaging well done because i likes pink colour..:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Freebies of this month

Won this set from newtide magazine
There are 5 products for antiage and neutrogena mask and sunblock.

Redeem free multiberry peeling gel and yogurt repair pack.

Review: Collistar Talasso Scrub TermoAttivo

Thanks to Sasa Malaysia gave me chance to try their star product. This was a body scrub which focus on fat deposit body. Their product made from Italy.

Information from Collistar website
  • It was reshaping exfoliating salts with phytoextracts and essential oils.
  • A special heat effect thalasso treatment designed to exfoliate and reshape the body.
  • Exfoliating action - Sea salts leave the skin instantly smoother, brighter and more toned.
  • Remodelling effectiveness - Six different plant extracts with strong lipolitic proper ties act in synergy to reduce accumulations of fat. Their effectiveness is boosted by the heat effect, which stimulates the skin microcirculation and helps the active principles to penetrate, and by the draining action performed by osmosis by the sea salts.
  • Revitalizing power- Lavender and rosemary essential oils revive the skin and give energy and well being to the organism.

This body scrub covered with protective seal. It contained layer of oil and it was a layer of essential oil.

After i opened it, i smelled strong lavender essential oil. I like lavender essential oil very much because it really calm my mind.

Remember the scrub must use on dry skin. Use once or twice a week. I tested on my hand. It used small amount of salt and massage on my hand. While i massage the salt on my hand, i felt the heat regenerate. The granules of the salt wont so rough and it just nice to scrub my skin.
After few minutes, rinse off with water, my skin appear brighten and smooth. I didnt feel itchy because normally i used those body scrub made my skin itchy. The essential oil really good smell. Relax my mind and soul. It available at SaSa Outlet Malaysia. Go and grab one to try. Besides body scrubbing, it can body reshaping.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Empro Day and night mascara and doll lash curler

Picture from Empro Website

Information obtained from Empro website

World's First, Day and Night Mascara

extra Volume, extra Length, Vivid, Curlier Curls, Easy to remove, Water resistant, Clump-free, Smudge-free

It takes only one empro mascara to create different visual effects throughout your days and nights too. Choose to emphasize your eyes for that natural radiance, or simply curl your lashes into luxurious extravagance. Convenient, waterproof and smudge-free, feel free to express yourself in all your charms and confidence at any time and place, indoors and out.

Perfect in every sense! Natural to the core!
Blending natural herbal ingredients with an advanced antioxidant formula, and enriched with vitamin E, the empro mascara nourishes your eyelashes as it creates a more beautiful you. Its velvety texture feels silky soft on even the most sensitive skin around the eyes.

Lengthen + extra curl
Day Use - Liquid mascara can be applied to coast lashes with fine precision and care for a luxuriant and distinctively vivid appearance and readily makes lashes look twice as long.

Volume + extra curl
Night Use - Creates extra volume to give you plush, curly eyelashes for a charming, vivid and alluring effect on your eyes, whatever the occasion.

Before applied mascara, i used Doll lash curler from Empro to curl my eyelash. RM19.80

My eyelash after curling.

Due to my puffy eye, my curling eyelash not obvious..Sob sob.

Before applied day and night mascara

This was the Empro Day and night mascara Rm58.80. It so special because include day and night mascara. Day function as lengthen and extra curl whereas night function as volume and extra curl.

I used day for curl and lengthen. It seem works well for my eyelash which can lengthen and curling. It open my eyes.

This was the results after using day mascara. It able to curl my eyelash and woke up my eyes.

Available at Watsons, Sasa and Empro Outlets.
Join their facebook. Empro Cosmetic for further information.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make Your Christmas Dreams Come True With Laneige!

In the true spirit of giving this Christmas, Laneige offers everyone a chance to materialise their dreams and enjoy the confidence of youth, energy and sophisticated beauty throughout the holiday season. For all Laneige fans who have been waiting eagerly, the Laneige 'Dreaming of a Laneige Holiday' Christmas gift sets is now available at all Laneige beauty counters!

The gift sets comes in seven specially designed coffrets consisting of Laneige's range of skincare solutions for both women and men as well as their make up range to suit individual preference. The gift sets comes in seven different themes:

i) Aqua Dreams for long lasting moisturisation

ii) White Dreams for brighter skin

iii) New Dreams for youthful looking skin

iv) Crystal Dreams for clearer complexion

v) Sweet Dreams for relaxed skin

vi) Misty Dreams for beautiful skin

vii) Intense Dreams for the sophisticated modern man

What are you waiting for? Each ladies set comes with an attractive limited edition red polka dot pouch!

ALSO, receive a Polka Dot Trolley Bag and more Laneige products for free with purchase from above RM480.

For more information, please became fan of Laneige Malaysia

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Had mine dinner at fahrenheit 88

This was tidbit and cost rm3 for one plate. Taste not bad too.

I like this bun because quite soft.
kiwi juice and pumpkin dessert. Kiwi juice quite sweet and pumpkin dessert nice..
Their signature porridge. Quite lot ingredients inside such as meatball, seafood etc.
Pumpkin dessert. Nice to try.
This "pai ku"rice also quite nice. Not salty at all.

Room eighteen at Fahrenheit 88.

Overall not bad, Their fruit juice not nice and the rice and porridge not bad. I quite satisfied with it.

Finally..............got mine beauty talk prize from cleo malaysia

won free retrieve serum 15ml from cleo malaysia and thanks to cleo malaysia and beauty talk.

Free aqua gel and bubble mask samples too..:)

My first try for Gelatimo ice cream

Gelatimo ice cream at Pavilion KL near to cotton on shop.
I ordered this on rock which cost around rm20. I shared with my sister. 2 flavour and 2 toppings. The portion quite alot for me. Really like it. I chose macadamia and hazelnut chocholate ice cream.

Facial demonstration by Haba expert

Haba expert used latest micro force cleansing to remove my makeover. I was ask by BA to have demonstration when i passed by isetan counter.
Left hand side was translator.
After cleansing, she applied toner on my face. Quite relaxing.
Then she applied vitamin C from haba product on my skin, then use machine to enhance absorption.
Before using machine, she massage my face.
Then she put piece of mask on my face

I have the chance to try use their roller machine which already set in time. After 8 min it will stop function.

Now my face become radiant and smooth.
Radiant smooth skin.

brightened too..:)
After facial, she applied mineral foundation, mascara,loose powder on my face
Last step, lip gloss non colorant and fragrance free.
I got their cleansing sample. It quite comfortable when she used on my face. Non-petrochemical. Act as double cleansing too.