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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Product Review: For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-cellulose Mask

One more awesome product from taiwan. It named for beloved one. This mask was recommended by many artist and skincare expert (niu er). They have a slogan that this mask acted better than other normal mask and when you used this mask equal to normal mask 30 pieces..haha...I not trust and i tried it.
When i opened the mask it got 3 layers. The first layer was to protect this gel mask and the last layer was to maintain the size of mask i think. This was the main layer i need it. It full of essence inside the mask paper though i already took out the mask. Taiwan mask always full of essence inside the mask pack. I used those essence remaining inside the mask pack to put on my hand, neck and leg..haha..I didnt waste it. This mask cool. It really fit well on our face. Means whatever face contour and size,you can fit it well. It attached well on my skin. No bubbles can observe on my skin. It just like my second pieces of face. If my face can like smooth and soft, i hope i can change into it..haha..
See..My face feel supple, vibrant and refresh after applied it. I didnt apply any moisturiser yet. I like it. It likes after facial treatment.
After i used for beloved mask, i feel my skin hydrating,cool,brightening and refresh. This may due to the texture of the mask. It really fit my skin and face shape. I really like it. Besides that, my face also lifted after using this mask. During the period i put on my mask, the moisturiser of mask keep on penetrate into my skin. After 20 minutes, i only remove the mask. Now, my skin feel soft,supple,firm,vibrant and refresh. I definitely will buy it again in future.It really a miracle..:)

This mask cost RM56..Quite expensive oh..one piece only. But if like mine type is lazy to facial and i think i purchase this mask enough for me and do facial mask at home..haha..May consider for it. Since it really draw water into my skin. I really feel it. It cool and refresh. I like the cool and refresh after i remove the mask. This means my skin full of moisturiser. The most function of mask must be the essence of mask can really penetrate into your inner skin.

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