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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My double eyelid appearance.

After did the double eyelid
My eyes bit swell for the few days
My eye with double eyelid stitch

Still Swell

After few weeks, it looks normal.

It getting look natural..Yeah

Review: Lancome Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%]

I really like anti-aging product. I heard good review about this product. Thus, i decided to give it a try. It claims not only anti wrinkle, it also able even skin tone, pores look tightened and skin more smooth and soft.

Thanks to lancome 10 years research and finally able to find solution for more beauty skin. Today, anti-wrinkle not enough, pore size and skin complexion also take into consideration. The power of LR2412 which is molecule has been designed to deliver its benefits through the skin. This molecule is to enhance the skin's natural self renewal processes.
I pump out from the bottle of visionnaire. It appeared in white colour appearance, light texture and smell nice. I applied on face and easy absorbed into my skin. I remembered the first touch on my face very soft and smooth. I applied every night together with genifique. After using genifique then apply visionaire. I just applied two days ago. I need to see the effect after 1 week.

After using it

After using it. I felt face skin became more luminous and clear. Besides that, my skin also felt smooth and pores size reduce too. Unexpectedly, my skin texture and firmness getting better too. I really like it. But it quite expensive for me.

More update soon for skincare..

I finally back...i want continue update my skincare...