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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Product Review: Biore Cleansing Oil in cotton wipes

This was free sample from cleo magazine may 2010. I glad to try this sample. This was a cotton wipe with cleansing oil.

This cleansing oil cotton wipe not feel greasy and smell soft fragrance. It can moisturise our delicate area such as eyes. It can use for whole face but i tried to remove for waterproof mascara and it works. Below picture showed it remove the waterproof mascara effectively.

This product was
  • Quick and easy (save time to remove your makeup)
  • minimizes repeated wiping
  • alcohol free (Sensitive skin can use)
  • For eye area,face and neck.Especially neck we seldom use to wash it. Thus, this cotton wipe can use to clean our neck..thats great.
  • For all skin types..:)
After using this, my skins feel supple, fresh, soft and smooth.. It wont harsh to my eye area. It not oily though was a cleansing oil cotton wipes.

I will be available in jusco, guardian,sasa and watson..I havent go and check it in the market. Will consider for it. This product made from JAPAN..:)


  1. susan do check out does the Biore cleansing oil available too or not ya^^ The cleansing oil of Biore sounds not bad ^^

  2. ya..i will have a look at all outlets.....:)

  3. The cleansing oil is RM22.90, Cleansing wipe cotton is RM 32.90 for 48 pieces and refill pack is RM25.90 for 48 pieces too..They also sell travel pack (10pcs) RM6.90..