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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lancome Genifique workshop with Niu Er

14th of august 2010 sat (midvalley) 2.30pm (max 300ppl)
15th of august 2010 sun (penang) 2.30pm (max 200ppl)

Participate method:
you need to purchase Lancome Genifique DNA repair to join the workshop. As i know this Lancome Genifique cost RM350 for 30ml. Quite expensive. I still think about it whether i go or not..haha..iam super fan of niu er..may go.

For more information, call lancome :1800 880 112


  1. Will you go? We go together? i havent buy the product yet..May but it near june..wait my salary 1st..haha