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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Product Review: Lancome Facebook UV Expert Experience

I got the UV expert from parkson pavilion and total up is 5 sachets..I used separately for 5 days.

Day 1 3th of may 2010–I will start with my cleansing, booster,toner, eye care, essence, moisturiser and finally is sunblock. This sunblock is SPF50+++. I cut off the sachet and pour the UV expert on my palm and apply whole face. I didnt expect this type of sunblock's texture was watery and easy to spread over whole face. It suppose to apply two layers to enhance the protection of sunscreen but we only have 5 sachets thus, i only apply one thin layer on face. Especially the dark spot and pigment area, we should apply 2 layers to give better protection. Or we can focus on our apple skin area(area under eye which was delicate area and easy to get dark spot and pigment). After applied one thin layer of sunblock on face and let it dry and absorb into our skin then apply another layer of sunblock on our skin. After applying on my face, i can see some oily residues on my face but after awhile the oily feeling no more.This was because the sunblock already absorbed by our skin. Then, i applied my bb cream and make up powder and my make up can last longer for hours. REMEMBER, we should wait our sunblock dry completely and fully absorb into skin and then only put our bb base/makeup base and foundation. If not, the SPF protection will be reduce(spf50 will be reduce up to spf 25 ).

Day 2 – Today was my on leave, thus i will stay at home. Though we at home, there was still UV light around us. Thus, i applied whole face and this time i include my eyes too. Since it wont made my eyes tangling and uncomfortable so i applied it around eye area. When i applied my eyeshadow and it wont easy smudge and my eyeshadow can long lasting on my eye area.

Day 3- Today was my working day, i need to wake up early and prepare all my stuffs. After finished all my skin regime. As usual, last step was sunblock. Due to last night i didnt sleep well and play hard, my face was dull and tired. Then, i applied UV expert on my face. It brighten my skin and looks luminous. Thus, i didnt used to put foundation today. It can cover my acne scars, dark spot and even out the redness of skin as well.

Day 4 – As usual i always take care of my skin thus i applied uv expert too. Today my boss asked me to send the documents to other place. I dont have my own transport so i take public transport to send the document.Nowadays the weather very hot thus i keep on sweat. I used to wipe of my sweat. The uv expert which on my face still fresh and clean. It wont melt and non-greasy because some sunblock i applied can see the white stuffs on my face when i wipe my face during sweating. Actually after wiping the sunblock, we can reapply for one more layer. This was to assure the protection of sunblock on face. It really nice to use. This sunblock seem protect our internal skin and not only external skin. Our stratum corneum also need to protect by sunblock if not the melanocytes will keep on produce melanin and cause our skin darkening.

Day 5- Today stayed in office to do my own stuffs and file compiling. The air-con inside the office very cold and too bad my seat faced to air-con side. Though i faced it more than 5 hours, my skin still feel moisture and wont dry. This UV expert really protect my epidermis moisture and wont made my skin dried easily. Everytime i applied my sunblock i will used my cleansing oil to remove those makeup and sunblock. Cleansing oil can melt the makeup and sunblock simultaneously and leave my skin moisture and fresh. After that, i used my cleansing foam to wash my face to make sure no pore clogging. Continous 5 days i also double cleansing(cleansing oil and cleansing foam) to make sure my skin really clean. This lancome uv expert wont make my skin breakout.normally some sunblock will make skin easy breakout.My face easy to detect oily stuffs if really oily product,my face will have breakout.

As, conclusion for this 5 day testing on this product,i really love the texture of lancome uv expert. It was a star product too.. I read those magazine will recommend this sunblock. I like this sunblock not because its texture lightweight and oil free.It also fragrance free and no chemical smelling. I used one sunblock before such as estee lauder will have kind of chemical smell for their sunblock. It really dont know using chemical or a sunblock. This lancome sunblock was PABA free. PABA which can cause skin allergy..This sound great. Fragrance smell sunblock also not good to skin because this will cause skin cancer. I believe this sunblock able to shield my skin to prevent UVA for skin aging. This was because lancome UV expert has PA+++..It was really strong to protect our skin from aging(UVA) and SPF 50 was the highest SPF to protect our skin from sun damage. Nowadays sunlight not like years ago, it really will cause some skin problem to us if we not use sunblock to protect our skin. Thus, lancome uv expert was a good product to shield our skin. It lightweight, fragrance free, mineral oil free, chemical smell free and oil free(it wont cause oil seed on my face). It really miracle..lancome uv expert..able to shield my skin..Protect our skin from uv light..Remember prevention is better than cure..no matter how young and how old you are..:)..Man also need sunblock protection and not only woman ya..:)..Last but not least, thanks lancome for your generous to let us try the sunblock..:)
my skin after applied uv expert..though oilliness at first applied, after few minutes no more oilliness feeling on my skin..:)
i used small bubbles foam to wash my face..We used the foam to wash our face and not used hand to wash our face..the smallest bubbles of foam and the better the washing ability..:)
i used this 5 pieces of cotton pad to cover my face with toner. After used uv expert for few days, toner quite easy to absorb into skin and it maybe due to uv expert really protect well my skin metabolism. When our skin texture was well protect then whatever we applied on our skin, it will absorb directly into our skin. If not, the skincare you applied only on skin surface.We need to applied skincare into our inner skin. UV expert can protect our inner skin and let our inner skin function well and let the ingredients from skincare penetrate into our inner skin..
This was the sachet and inside have 1ml of sunblock to apply on my whole face and include my eye area. :)
The texture of uv expert sunblock..it looks creamy but it in watery texture..really moisture our skin..like it
this was my face for day 3 and i just wokeup and wash my face.my face looks fresh and bright. My skin look luminous and porcelain because i applied this sunblock for 3 days continously. It made my skin absorption increase and whatever applied on my skin will increase the moisture level. My skin wont feel dry..yeah..lancome uv expert you done a great job for increase skin absorption and my skin's brighteness..:)

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