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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection

Model skin feel refresh and cool and full of moisturising on our skin. Water was important to our skin and we need to moisturising our skin with useful hydration products. This moisturiser was the 1ST type made in mousse. Normal moisturiser made in gel type or cream type. It believe mousse texture can hold more water on our skin compare to gel and cream type. Once our skin full of hydration then can anti aging. Besides that, our skin automatically will looks brighten due to our inner skin layer full of water.
This was the Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection. I asked Biotherm Malaysia counter and BA said will launch it near JULY. Cant wait to try this product. Suit nowadays weather. So hot..I need moisturiser to maintain my skin moisture level. It hold moisturising for 24 hours.
The hydrating power of Aquasource meets skin perfection!
With frosted cooling effect. For all skin types.


Biotherm creates the 1st 24h moisturizing high definition perfecting care, enriched with Aquakeep™ perfecting complex.

The first treatment in the Aquasource range to combine the equivalent of 5,000 liters of Thermal Spring Water with 35 million perfecting Aquakeep™ microshperes to provide 24h hydration. The refreshing frosted texture works like a re-surfacing glaze to reduce skin irregularities and dull complexion.


Perfecting, frosted, granita-like texture with refreshing cooling-effect. Non-sticky and non-shiny.

  1. Aquakeep™ technology: Holds the equivalent of 5,000 liters of Thermal Spa Water for 24h non-stop intense hydration.
  2. Beautifying pigments + Trace-Sugar: Restructures skin surface from within for a perfect skin.
  3. Manganese Crystals + Cooling Agent: Boosts micro-circulation and activates adiance.

Touch. Velvety-soft skin texture
Feel. Moisturized skin 24h non stop
See. Crystal-clear glow

Got this information from Newtide magazine.
It cost RM165 for 50ml. Slightly expensive compare to other aquasource range because Aquasource Skin Perfectin contains 1000x the hydration level of Aquasource Non Stop. Skin Perfection is very suitable for those that need more hydration, has dull and stressful skin.

Besides this moisturiser, it also have cleanser and toner which was RM99 for each.

Can't wait for the launching in Malaysia for biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection

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