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Friday, May 21, 2010

La Prairie Workshop at Harrods KLCC on 21st of May

Orange juice from harrods
The platinum set---serum + cream

Sp blink..i like it..platinum for anti aging

Jam and butter to apply on my bread..yummy

The serum and the cream showed on the powerpoint
The platinum serum applied on my hand. Smell good and i can see platinum appear on my hand
The platinum serum spread over my hand..it quite easy to absorb and my hand become vibrant.
The cream texture not thick and light..smell good too.
Applied the cream on my hand..not oily at all.
Look blink blink with the effect of platinum..sugoi..:)
My hand with platinum serum + cream..Looks vibrant, moisturize and my fine lines reduce too.
Free breakfast from harrod..The hot dog tasty..:)

Free door gift from La Praire..:)

The door gift include one hand cream, spoon with platinum cream and skin caviar firming complex.

It was nice door gift..No bad..can try their cream..One bottle of cream cost us RM4100 for 50 ml..and the serum cost RM2700 for 30ml..Too bad they didnt give us the serum sample..Besides that, they have promotion set which is if you buy la praire serum RM2700 (30ml) then you will get to purchase with purchase cream for RM35o0( original RM4100) for 50ml...The serum consider was a multifunction serum because it uses for anti wrinkle, firming,hydration, brighten and repair DNA..Sounds great..But the price not great deal..haha..Wish i can marry rich husband then can purchase this set..The cream after you open can keep for 6 months or 1 year..:)

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  1. not bad :) this time the goodie bag

    the last time only have the platinum and that moon shape spoon sample at Parkson Pav Personal Shopper Room.