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Monday, May 10, 2010

Free 3 pairs of contact lens freshlook illuminate from ciba vision


  1. hello there. i'm one of your readers actually.

    i have just two questions about this lenses.
    1. may i know how long did you wait for the lenses to arrive at your house? because i signed up for it already since two weeks ago and there's no news yet :(

    2. what type of postage did it come in? normal or registered? and is it a big package?

    sorry if i'm asking too much but i am just wondering what happened to my free trials only. i'm feeling excited by just seeing your photos.


  2. I think need to wait them to mail to your house around 4-8 weeks. They have a lot of process one. I think you will receive it for the next 2 weeks. :)

    It come in normal postage. Not registered and in a normal white envelope..No worry..:)..hope you will get your trial contact lens soon...:)