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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Laneige multiberry yogurt peeling gel

Sound exciting about the latest upgrade laneige multiberry yogurt peeling gel. I quite like their peeling gel. I used the old version one. Let me finish it then only purchase this new one. I asked BA the old version strawberry wont sell in the market. This type of peeling gel can be use on wet face compare to the previous one. The previous one need to apply on dry skin then only can do exfoliating job.

Information about multiberry yogurt peeling gel
  1. Natural konjac (Mannan) beads gently exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities with short time of massage.
  2. Sogurty a specialised fermented yogurt has anti inflammatory effects to soothe skin from skin troubles
  3. Berryblend complex ( various berry extracts from raspberries, blueberries, wolfberries, cranberries,and strawberries) delivers abundant nutrition and antioxidant to eliminate harmful free radicals.
  1. Used on wet skin after facial wash
  2. Take an appropriate amount (2cm in diameter recommend) and gently massage over the face using gentle circular movement with the fingertips, then rinse with lukewarm water.
  3. use 1-2 times in a week
  4. for best result, follow with laneige multiberry yogurt repair pack. Avoid eye area

I got the sample from BA and hurry try it on my skin.

Just take out some to try on my hand.

After scrubbing on my hand, my hand felt smooth and radiant.

After using peeling gel, my face looks radiant and smooth.

Overall, the result is good and refreshing my skin. Currently i still using their strawberry peeling gel and hopefully finish soon to grab this multiberry. Multiberry was good in antioxidant and moisturizes. Fermented yogurt good for soothing inflammatory skin. I love multiberries new improve and it smell good too. It is good that laneige multiberry peeling gel can use on wet face. I always forgot to use strawberry peeling gel after wash my face. RM95 for 120ml. Price quite reasonable for me. It can use for long period. Since it only small amount can do exfoliate job on my face. Their packaging well done because i likes pink colour..:)

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