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Friday, April 23, 2010

Product Review: Sekkisei Sun Protector SPF 50+ PA +++

This Sekkisei sun protector i bought it at changi airport singapore. It cost Singapore dollar 38.80. Cheaper than in Malaysia. Overall, this sunblock is not bad. After applied on my skin made my skin radiant and soft. The texture of the sunblock in liquid form, non sticky, light and skin feeling comfortable. Below some description about this sunblock. The information obtained from kose malaysia. This new sunblock work excellent on oily skin and thanks to the new technology. So it is perfect to be daily used especially udner Malaysia's hot sun.


Protecting the future of your skin. Introducing SEKKISEI Sun Protector.
A veil of oriental minerals, soft to the skin everyday.
The oriental mineral veil gently envelopes your skin and saves the skin's future.
Everyday medicated whitening sunscreen lotion.

Oriental minerals compounded to gently envelope the skin.
Oriental mineral powder derived from traditional Chinese medicine is compounded in the veil and envelopes skin to securely protect the skin from strong UV-rays.


郑重推介全新雪肌精SEKKISEI Sun Protector。 防护您明日的肌肤


<Whitening effect>美白功效
The sunscreen effect + whitening effect suppress melanin production, prevent dark spots and freckles caused by the sun and protect the skin’s future.

<Makeup base effect>底妆效果
The oriental herb extracts (moisturizer) give moisture to skin, makes it smooth and enhances foundation to last.

<Skin care effect>护肤功效
The oriental mineral veil prevents rough skin and dryness caused by UV-ray damages maintaining white supple translucent skin.

<Long lasting effect>持续功效
It does not easily wear out with sweat or water and the sunscreen effect lasts to securely protect skin from strong UV-rays.

<How to use>使用方法
○Since it is a two-layered type, shake well and spread a small amount evenly without leaving any spots.

NEW SEKKISEI Sun Protector SPF50+ PA+++ 60g RM 105
Suppresses melanin production and prevents dark spots and freckles caused by the sun.

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  1. me using the clinique 30spf currently. wow. the price just $10 diff. might consider this after finished that.