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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Product Review: Lancome Blanc Expert GN-White AgeFight Intense whitening spot & line serum

This is the lancome whitening serum. This whitening serum include anti-aging function too. It can recreate new bright collagen. Its name Blanc Expert GN-White Agefight is the first lancome whitening serum that recreates new bright collagen fibres to fight skin yellowing to reveal younger and fairer looking skin. There was a new breakthrough study suggests that as women age, the alteration of collagen fibres causes it to turn yellow and stiff, causing the skin turn to dull and yellow. The research found out that collagen alteration with age and sun exposure causes skin colour to turn yellow and dull. This was due to Glycation. This process is a biological process that occurs when specific sugar molecules in the skin attach themselves to collagen fibres and causing it to tarnish and stiffen. For example, we should reduce starch food intake because it may cause glycation. Sweets, snack and ice cream need to reduce intake. These foods contain glucose which cause in glycation. For fruits sugar is ok for us. Fruit sugar is not in glucose type and other type of sugar.

The powerful ingredients inside are sunflower seed extract and soy extract.
  • For sunflower seed extract---anti--glycation properties helps to prevent collagen from yellowing and stiffening.
  • For Soy extract----stimulates collagen synthesis to reveal younger looking skin.
Though the sunflower seed extract inside lancome serum can anti-glycation and it doesn't mean you can still eat lots of starch food. We still need to reduce the uptake of starch in order to prevent our skin colour become yellow and dull. Prevention is better than cure..:)

This is the texture of lancome serum..it in cream type but not oily when apply on face..wont cause any breakout too. Nice to try..smell nice too.. overall result cannot see because i just use one sachet..haha..It quite expensive to me ..RM350 for 30ml if not mistake..

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