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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gathering for "The Key To Life, The Code to Youth" by Life Code Anti-Aging

I get to know this information from Miu'Blog. She is having a Venus project 0.8: Life Code Anti-Aging. She need to select 11 blogger to attend the workshop and beauty spa. That's great idea. Besides the workshop and beauty spa, it also have makeover demo for the lucky bloggers, free skincare starter kit worth RM250 for girls to try out. Thanks for the generous Life Code's product trainer, Chris. Thanks again to Life Code Anti-Aging International Berhad being so generous. Their company is the manufacturer for some world’s leading cosmetic brands, for example: SK II (Raw material provider), CLARINS, GUERLAIN, LANCOME, ESTEE LAUDER, ELIZABETH ARDEN, BOOTS (U.K), PUPA, KARSTADT, MARKS & SPENCER, BLOOMINGDALE, AVON, HERTIE AND HORTON, SAX, SUPER DRUG, DEBORAH, JC PENNY.

Let me share with you some information from Life Code Anti-Aging:

Most of the company products have their own technology to create products. Life Code Anti-Aging Company has the BioTRATM Core Technology. This technology is global patented revolutionary technology. This Advanced technology at first use to treat nail diseases via its phenomenal skin permeation technology and now has authorised to Switzerland Norvatis International AG with global sales distribution license for this treatment product.

  1. BioTRA Technology perform triple intelligence actions which TRA stands for T=Target, R=Release and A=Active.

Target --BioTRA micromolecules allow active ingredients to be penetrated into every targeted region, render full delivery of all biological functions of these active ingredients.

Release -- BioTRA micromolecules shall carry the active ingredients to penetrate through stratum corneum till reaching the targeted area such as Wrinkle, then gradually release active ingredients and maintain high concentration of to prolong its function for more long lasting effects.

Active -- BioTRA micromolecules cell structures are very similar to the human cell structures, thus these micromolecules can easily absorbed by human tissues and further enhanced the active ingredients into the targeted cells.

  • The most important key point is BioTRA™ ingredients are non-toxic and dissolvable during cell renewal process.
  • In BioTRA™ technology, Bio means Biotechnology which blends with TRA that constitutes Transdermal technology.
  • The effective principle: BioTRA™ enables rapid generation of micromolecules to render active ingredients to be easily absorbed by human body with further accelerated penetration into blood circulation, and allow its effectiveness to be unveiled within the shortest period of time.

There are four core products in Life Code Anti-Aging Company:
  1. BioTRA™ Skin Care Series
  2. Cell Regenerative Series
  3. Organic Makeup Series
  4. Miracle S.T. House
1. The BioTRA Skin Care Series (Create miracle in 3 to 15 minutes) consist of
  1. Life Code Deep Refiner Eye Cream Wrinkles refined within 15 minutes, rapid effect with skin permeation BioTRA™ AI Technology, immediate result.
  2. Life Code Deep Refiner Night Cream Through BioTRA™ AI Technology, absords deeply in the skin dermis layers, repairs and revitalizes aging cell tissues, boosts immediate firming and long-lasting rejuvenating effects, improves lifting 20%and above.
  3. Life Code Instant Facial Lift Gel
    3 minutes face slimming, sheds 5 degrees with AI technology, creates a beautiful and clearly defined face contour.
This was a picture show the Instant Face lift Gel. This really impress me. The Facial Lift Gel can sculpture my face contour..Really miracle..Can see immediate result.

2. Cell Regeneration series more about to Anti-Aging Cellular Supplement

"ST Factor" is an anti-aging cellular supplement. It is derived from special fresh queen bee's colostrums. The queen bee's colosrums contains 100% natural anti-aging genetic materials, and are highly concentrated and nutritious. The process of extracting the colostrums is tedious and time-consuming. The colostrums must be and are extracted within 24 – 48 hours of queen bee's secretion due to its exponential loss of effects post-48 hours of secretion. With the incorporation of BioTRA™ technology, ST Factor works its magic in the body by releasing its active ingredients to the body, awakening and activating hormones of the body. Within 15 minutes of consumption, the microcirculation system improves, giving energy to the body. Due to its many phenomenal functions, “ST Factor” is described as a youth essence.

3. For the Natural Organic Makeup – Make-up and Skin Care All-in-One

Before Life Code, women have been harmfully treating their skin with day-time make-up; night time they need to remove make-up hen only start the skin care routine.
Gradual aging in this context is still inevitableas having failed to protect and improve skin day and night...
To turn it around, Life Code Anti-Aging cosmetic series shall be the most prudent choice as it makes-up and repair skin simultaneously.

  • 1-minute anti-wrinkle lipstick
  • 3-minutes deep refiner eye shadow
  • Anti-spot, pore minimizing liquid foundation
  • Anti-speckle blush
  • Anti-wrinkle eye shadow
  • ST foundation cake, ST loose powder that shield electromagnetic wave of mobile phone and computer radiation.

4. Life Code Miracle ST (Super Tourmaline) Rejuvenation Therapy

The Westerners love brownish tan; therefore the tanning facility was innovated.The Easterners love white radiant skin; therefore the ST House was created. I like whitening. This therapy include all your skincare concern:

The ultimate effectiveness of ST House:

  1. ST House is equipped with the world’s first invented skin cells revitalizing device, making the body smooth and soft in 30 minutes using the essential oil steam. Brightening the skin up to minimum 2 levels.
  2. ST House uses Chinese herbs essential mist to detoxify accumulated harmful toxins in your body.
  3. ST House gemstone treatment releases far infrared from multiple angles and discharge negative ions (anions) to neutralize the onslaught of free radicals and to enhance overall body microcirculation system. This shall strengthen our immunity, render slimming and further delay the aging process.

Four Features of Life Code ST House :

  1. Precious Gemstones – Release far infrared and negative ions.
  2. Quantum Skin Activators - Boost immediate whitening and skin rejuvenation.
  3. Essential Herbal Mist Complex - Detoxifying, anti-cancerous and slimming.
  4. Micro-elements water - To avert free radical and prevent cells oxidation.
Immediate skin brightening effect - 2 degrees lighter skin in 30 minutes GUARANTEED.

Skin Tone Measurement Chart (1 to 20 levels)

Their company promise in Safe, Effective, Rapid, Natural products to their customers. With highly trained management and staffs to provide reliable and professional service, Life Code Anti-aging is marked a world class anti-aging platform which has helped thousands of people in the world to reverse aging within 3 to 15 minutes.

The detail of the gathering

"The Key To Life, The Code to Youth"
Date: 16th May (Sunday)
Time: 2pm-5pm
Venue: Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.
No. of pax: 11 bloggers+ Miu
F&B provided

For more information: click Tammy blogspot- Life Code Anti-Aging project

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