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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Johnsons body care naturally white daily uv lotion

I saw this johnson's new body care in cleo latest magazine..at the same time i at watson and i saw this new launching lotion..i like whitening skincare..for body skincare for whitening quite hard to hunt it..so i found this..hopefully can brighten my skin..the texture is in creamy type but quite easy to absorb when applied on skin..wont leave sticky on your skin.

Three main ingredients in the lotion,
  • Titanium dioxide (to absorb uv light)
  • milk protein
  • Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate (in group of vitamin C for whitening purpose)
Based on the bottle of the lotion, it noted SPF8 lotion helps deflect harmful sunrays and prevent darkening. With Vitamin C and milk extract known to help lighten and nourish skin. Though it has SPF 8, it also can use at night after bath. No harm on our skin.

100ml cost RM6.90 (now promotion cost RM4.88 in market)
400ml i not sure about the price..maybe can check in the market.:)


  1. My 1st whitening body lotion was Nivea. I had tried all the Nivea whitening lotions but they were too dry for my skin. The whitening effects were quite good. End of last year, i bought the Vaseline whitening body lotion and it turned out to be better than Nivea. Cuz it does provide whitening & hydration to my skin. My friend suggested me to try Garnier whitening lotion and i will try when i finish my Vaseline lotion.

  2. vaseline one i cannot use coz when i apply on my hand it will have breakout..too bad..when i was teenager i used johnson for moisturizing purpose and it was not bad and quite moisture. I think i will stick back to johnson one.:)