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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I got my Rouge COCO is free....free makeover too

I like these card makeovers..just very nice their makeup..hope can be like them..

Inside the card has 4 type of rouge coco and one lip brush...so nice..i will review it in future..:)..it also has free makeover..The makeup artist handsome too..wakaka..below pic was my stupid look..haha..The lip makeover also took about 30 minutes to finish..need to apply concealer to cover my dark colour lip, lip balm to avoid lipstick colour stick on the lip, lip liner to adjust the lip shape, lipstick (Rouge coco) and finally was lip gloss was to cover the lip line..haha..i seldom makeover on my lip..will try in future..

Just very light powder on my face...overall, the makeover quite okay for me..

This Chanel rouge coco until 27th of april at klcc centre court.....girl go grab chance to try the lipstick of rouge coco..lots of colour..free makeover from handsome makeup artist too..:)The chanel rouge coco cost RM95..quite pricey for me..i seldom use lipstick too..haha


  1. nice!^^ just show them the print out coupoun will do?

  2. so nice.. but so far for me. :D hehe.. I saw this sample usually pack with set to sell. :(

  3. I dont mean this brand lol.. actually I forgot which brand have set with sample sell. lol

  4. ya..just print out the coupon and show them..or if u are isetan member..u can show ur isetan card with latest newsletter then u can get the same sample too..:)