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Thursday, April 29, 2010

5 layers of cotton facial Japanese brand

My face so scary..the cotton facial too big already..Next time i need to cut into half then use to cover my face..You can used your any brand toner to soak this cotton facial for 80% full of toner. Then, divide this cotton pad into 5 pieces..There already into 5 pieces..This method more easy than you use other brand cotton and pat on your face and you can see the cotton all mess out. The market cotton normally only absorb your toner and didn't moisture and refine your skin. Though we used 100% cotton to pat toner on our face, sometimes we pat the way wrongly and waste those toner usage. Thus, this pattern cotton pad can save your time and save your toner usage. It really moisture and you not need pat your face several times. The cotton pad not really thin layer..After 10-15 mins, i remove the cotton pad and my face feel cool and moisture. Then you can continue your skin care regime. The cotton pad with toner better not put on our face more than 15 mins as it will absorb your skin moisture(then your skin very dry).

This box of cotton pad can find at SaSa RM18.90 for 80 pieces..Actually not expensive if you cut into small piece to use..The cotton pad really big size..

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  1. thanks for the review!

    seems like it's worth the money.

    thanks again babe.