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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My first album of korean star..JYJ...Nice Songs

I bought the luxury album from JYJ showcase on that day. I really mad..I used RM150 to bought it..sob sob..It include t shirt, photocards, disc and poster.
JYJ latest album The beginning.
The beginning album..Nice songs..
Inside the box include the photocards. Total up 15 pieces for 3 of them.
Their photobook of this album
Just cant resist to see him again..Hope to meet him again..Mine favourite..Kim JaeJoong..:)
Junsu cool..man
Micky was cool and handsome in this photo
I like this photo very much..If this one was poster then is good..:(
JYJ poster

Always keep the faith for them..:) Fighting..JYJ..

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