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Friday, October 1, 2010

Heme Foaming one step cleanser product review

I got this heme one step cleanser for review from Christopher Heme Malaysia. This cleanser use for normal cleansing and makeup remover. When i opened it, the smell really nice. The fragrance smell wont so strong. It calm my mind before i used it. Relax my tired day after working before remove makeup. Sounds good.

Its main ingredient contain:
  1. Vitamin B3-hydrate and repair skin, exfoliating dead skin cell.
  2. cucumis sativus- full of vitamin E, hydrate, soothing and anti aging.
  3. Sea content- increase skin's water retention, improve skin texture
Besides that, it also contain rice extract oriza sativa and ginger oleoresin. Both also for moisturising.

With my black thick eyeliner
Pump 2-3 times enough to clean the face and remove the makeup
My right eye remove by using one step cleanser. It seem efficient to remove my basic makeover.

I also use for normal cleansing. 2-3 pumps enough for cleansing.
With my clean face. So refreshing.

Overall this product not bad and smell nice. Wont cause my skin dry and quite moisture. Really like mousse type cleanser. Not need to lather by ourself. Save time and fast to remove makeover. It mostly based on natural extract. After used it, face felt refreshing. First cleanser for me got using sea contents. Quite special for me. Good for people who working late and can express remove makeover. Besides that, early morning can save time to wash face instead using those cleanser foam.

For more information, please join heme malaysia facebook.

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