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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eucerin Moisture Challenge at Sunway

This afternoon i with my sister went to Eucerin moisture challenge. I was selected as first 100 person. Quite crowded there.
Besides that, there was eucerin product selling there too.
The event start at 3pm.
Before the event start, we need to wear protective coat for challenge.

I prove it eucerin aquaporin really moisture my skin. They gave us each person a fan to record our moisture level.

The moisture level before and after applied eucerin aquaporin.

There are some invited guests such as Watsons general manager, celebrities, eucerin representative, Dr Yap and Emcee. I forgot her name. Sorry ya.

There are 20 promoters start to help us check moisture level.

Besides that, there was music performance to cheer up the participants.

First, they used moisture level checking apparatus to check our skin's moisture level.

then, they helped us remove makeover by using wet tissue.

Next, they used cotton bud to apply eucerin aquaporin on our face.

Finally, i got my moisture level checking. The result seem suprise. Moisture level increase up to 22%.

After moisture level challenge, the event end by taking group photo.

Those are mine gifts from eucerin but i wonder why dont have aquaporin sample let us try. At least a sachet i also happy about it. I checked the price of anti pigment one cost RM90+. I quite like anti pigment because it can prevent pigmentation.

This protective coat free to us too. I wonder can use during hair colouring..:)

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  1. Aww I was just 2 rows in front. And almost same line. Wondering also why no Aquaporin samples. Anyway I bought the set earlier already so now got new products to try out. Good idea to use the vest for hair coloring!