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Friday, September 17, 2010

I got my watsons membercard..

Cost RM12 for the card..go and get it and got many discount vouchers and free 200 points when you register online

The list of vouchers:
  1. Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick range off RM3
  2. kose nature and co off RM3
  3. ZA lipstick or lip gloss off RM2
  4. nivea cleansing wipes off RM3
  5. eucerin anti age off RM10
  6. eucerin dermo purifyer off rm6
  7. ginvera marvel gel green tea off rm3
  8. aquajuju make up remover off rm3
  9. olay regenerist off rm3
  10. heme whitening off rm5
  11. clinelle off rm5
  12. nair hair removal off rm5
  13. nutox elmusion off rm3
  14. avene cleanance off rm3
  15. bioessence tanaka off rm3
  16. skinz youth serum off rm5
  17. loreal true match cosmetic face off rm3
  18. nivea whitening body lotion off rm3
  19. clearasil off rm3
  20. ocean potion off rm3
  21. neutrogena fine fairness off rm3
  22. dappy beauty foot pad off rm 5
  23. nivea visage off rm 6
  24. loreal hydrafresh off rm3
  25. utena hadairo off rm3
  26. rosken vitamin E lotion off rm3
  27. nivea visage cleanser off rm3
  28. rimmel colour rush eyeshadow off rm3
  29. za true white primizer off rm3
  30. nivea hand cream off rm3
  31. biore uv care gel off rm5
  32. fasio foundation off rm3
  33. majolica marjoca eyeshadow off rm3
  34. garnier moisturiser off rm3
  35. revlon face products off rm3
  36. silkygirl foundation off rm2
  37. vaseline body lotion off rm3
  38. nivea for men moisturiser off rm3
  39. lifebuoy bodywash off rm1
  40. sunsilk leave on off rm1
  41. liese wave up foam off rm5
  42. sunsilk treatment off rm1
  43. nivea angel star deodorant off rm3
  44. head and shoulders scalp massage cream off rm3
  45. lifebuoy body wash 1 liter off rm1
  46. sunsilk conditioner off rm1
  47. nivea for men cleanser off rm3
  48. rexona deodorant spray off rm1
  49. sunsilk shampoo off rm1
  50. horleys powder off rm10
  51. pharmaton off rm3
  52. mireica off rm10
  53. ebene knee off rm5
  54. blackmores off rm3
  55. 21st century off rm3
  56. prosport off rm5
  57. total image off rm3
  58. berocca off rm3
  59. kinohimitsu collagen off rm2
  60. fitness first voucher


  1. hI, CAN U LIST DOWN ONE BY ONE WHAT ARE THE voucher come together with watsons??? thx

  2. ok..will list out later..thanks visit my blog