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Monday, September 27, 2010

Be White Product Review

My first Beauty Talk Be White Product from SASA worth RM12.80. Inside have 10 sachets and enough for 2 days usage. Each product have 2 sachets. There are cleansing gel, essence, moisture cream, 3D refining day cream, gel cream.

Double cleansing gel and it can use as makeup remover and normal cleansing. If use as makeup remover, your face must dry and apply on face. If like normal wash, just add water to the gel and turn into smooth foam. This cleansing gel was gentle,renew new skin cell, retain skin moisture.

This type of cleansing gel really smell nice and made my mind relax. After wash my face, it wont feel dry and itchy. Quite moisture after washed the face.

Just add some water to lather it. The foam very fine. Can clean the face without drying the face.

Put the foam on face and do some massage. Then wash with clean water.

It so refreshing after washed with water. Leave with cooling effect. Suitable for oily skin.

This was gel cream which was used in the morning after toner. It function as antioxidant, whitening, anti acne, oil balancing and hydrating and repairing.
It called as gel cream. Smell nice too
Its texture really watery, not oily and non sticky at all
Really made my skin smooth and brighten up.

After applied on my face, it felt refreshing and cooling. It really not oily and wont cause breakout. It used most of the natural ingredients to form the gel cream. Those are algae extract, aloe extract, saxifraga sarmentosa extract, paeonia suffruticosa root extract, mentha piperita extract etc. It contain more than 10 type of extracts to form this gel cream. It seem wont cause any allergy on my face. The mentha piperita extract was kind of peppermint which can give cooling and calming effect to our skin.

This was 3D refining Cream. It act as foundation for makeup, whitening and purifying skincare. It can use to smoothes fine lines, whitening, repairing, soothing, hydrating, correct skin tone effect, enhanced moisturising effect and improved 3D complexion. This type of refining cream also contain lots of natural ingredients such as acerola which good in whitening, hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, chamomile extract for soothing, hydrogenated lechitin function as smoothes fine lines etc.

Applied 3D Refining Cream. It really cooling, non sticky and oily. Feel good applied on my skin. Wont get white face..:P
It really matte and match with natural skin tone.

I tried it on my whole arm
At first, the cream seem not absorbed into my skin. Formed white layer on my skin.

After massage, the cream easily absorbed into my skin. Well performed.
After 3D refining Cream, my face looks good in 3D complexion and moisturise.

Snowy Memory Essence. This essence used at night. It used Arbutin as whitening ingredient. The measurement up to 350X, whitening peptide used for reduce melanin production. Hyaluronic Acid was natural hydrating ingredient to increase water retention in our skin. All day enhance moisturisation. It control spot formation, delays development of melanin, hinders melanin formation, moisturises, nourishes, and repairs the skin. The natural ingredient in the essence such as chamomile extract, hyaluronic acid, Dextran and nanopeptide-1 which for whitening purposes.

Really watery essence..Fragrance smell not strong.
This type of essence in gel type. It really hydrating my skin. Just small amount can apply whole face.
After applied essence, it easy to absorbed into skin and feel smooth, bouncy, and hydrate. Besides that, it did brightened my skin too.

This was the Snowy Moisture Cream. It brightens, whitens, lightens appearance of dark spots, moisturises, repairs, anti aging and anti wrinkle. The natural ingredient such as collagen (good have collagen inside), threonine, hydroxyproline, arginine, serine, sucrose, citrulline, glycogen, histidine, alanine, threonine, glutamic acid, lysine, paeonia suffruticosa extract, ascorbyl glucoside (vitamin C) etc. This product seems have lots of peptide (amino acid) which good for repairing our skin.

Cream type but not sticky and oily.Fragrance smell not strong. Really good to smell it.

Tested on my hand and it really smooth and easy to absorb into my skin

After applied snowy moisture cream, my hand felt moisture and bouncy. Besides that, brightened my skin tone too.

This was Beauty talk Oxy Mask. It used oxypearcalin to capture oxygen and bring into inner skin layer. It can improves our skin texture and increase absorption of other skincare. We have to prepare good inner skin layer so that whatever product we apply on our outer layer skin can easily absorbed into skin.

Sometimes i will used oxy mask to put on my face to make my skin hydrate and brightening. It so refreshing. Good product!!

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