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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Product Review: Laneige Water Bank Hydro Gel

For all skin types

Product Benefits
The latest addition to Laneige’s best selling Water Bank line has tapped on the Swiss Alpine’s finest. Elite herbs grown naturally in glacial waters from the Swiss Alps are extracted with tremendous care and carefully mixed with the ‘Aqua SuperActionNovasome Capsules, along with Laneige’s already efficacious properties in the Water Bank line.

It appears in aqua-blue gel type moisturizer with delicate soft granules in pale blue is the result! Smell good and refreshing too!!
  1. Instead being light, the gel is moisturizing enough to keep moisture and essential nutrients “locked” where they should.
  2. Skin is kept trouble and fatigue free as it soothes and calms.
  3. Skin experiences rejuvenation and illuminates with a natural glow.
  4. It is also especially helpful to sun damaged skin with its cooling and recovering properties.
Its texture quite watery and easy to spread over my hand. It really moisture. Smell nice and non-sticky at all. Easy absorb into our skin.
My skin felt moisture immediately after using this hydro gel. Besides that, my skin looks brighten too due to moisturising. If not mistake, i think it cost RM120. (50 ml)


  • Pour Power Essential Skin Refiner into cotton pads and apply onto face, avoiding eyes areas.
  • After that apply Balancing Emulsion to bring skin moisture levels into line, preparing it for the next step.
  • Then, apply Water Bank Essence to delivers intensive hydration.
  • Apply Water Bank Hydro Gel with 3 fingers, gently with pressure, suppress forehead and move (pull) from inside out.
  • With lower part of palm, suppress chin with pressure and move (pull) towards ears direction.
  • Using 3 fingers with light pressure, suppress 3 ~ 4 times on the temple.
  • Apply ample amount of Water Bank Hydro Gel over the face and neck area.
  • Leave on for 5 minutes before removing with tissue.
  • Store in fridge for sensational cooling effect.
For more information. refer to laneige facebook.

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