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Friday, June 11, 2010

Laneige Sun Block Promotion --What's your lifestyle

Sunblock High Lasting SPF50+/PA+++

Powerful sun care best for outdoor activities

- Excellent UV block effect covering both UVA and UVB protects skin effectively even outdoors with high sun exposure.

- Skin compatibility-based preventive formula works more safely on the skin while effectively blocking UV rays.

- Utilizing AMOREPACIFIC’s newly-developed material for sun block allows UV blocking effect without white-residual appearance.

- Beta Glucan and enzyme extracts soothes and protects skin from UV rays.

Sunblock Triple SPF40/PA++

Triple-action sun care with easy resolution of UV sun-screening, skin protection, and base

-A product combining three functions: blocking UV rays, relieving photo-aging, and correcting skin tone.

- Contains adenosine ingredient, which restores the normal function of skin, and brings back the health of inner and external skin; the fine-milled pearls deliver radiant and vivified skin tone.
Sunblock Oil-Free SPF35/PA++

Refreshing sun care benefiting sebum control and pore care

- Oil-free formula gives matte touch without oily or shininess giving a light usage feeling.

- Silicon polymer ingredients hide pores and silky powder with excellent sebum absorptive power absorbs sebum, maintaining sleek and refreshing skin tone.

- Clove oil and herb extracts control sebum secretion and soothes skin tone, leaving skin feel clarified and healthy.
Sunblock Aqua SPF35/PA++

- Feeds the consistent supply of moisture into the skin that is easily exposed to the dry environment. Also, protects skin from UV rays, leaving the skin always feeling refreshed.

- Gives cool, lightened moisturizing sensation and finishes with refreshing touch.

- Beta Glucan ingredients that are helpful in removing harmful skin aggressors, helps dry/damage-prone skin caused by light exposure be more vivified and healthy.


1. Redeem Free Trial Sun Block upon Consultation
2. Complimentary Summer Travel Pouch when you purchase a 1 sunblock+1 skincare item
3. Join a contest to win a SPA session!

For more information, refer to laneige malaysia facebook

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