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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lancome GENIFIQUE Experience

First approached this little black bottle by watched taiwan show "女人我最大“. 牛尔skin care expert demonstrated the way to use genifique "little black bottle".His demonstration really attract my attention. It really tempted me to buy it. RM350 for 30ml really stop me to buy. Until the latest genifique workshop organised by lancome. My first approached to lancome products. It really miracle. I already used it for 2 weeks. IT really worked which really made my skin smooth, radiant and firm as well. Before i purchase this little black bottle, i heard many bad comments about genifique. I heard quite rich and caused breakout. Made me so worry. But after few days applied on my face and neck. My face really smooth and no breakout. Blemish free. Pores also reduce in size. It really made me happy. I got good comment from one of my friend. She said my face not rough and looks smooth.Besides that, i remembered niu er expert said gene will determine our skin texture. Like Lancome advertisement "Youth is in your genes". Due to harsh environment, our genes easy get diminishes and changes. When we birth into world, we are born with good and nice gene like baby smooth skin. As we aged, our skin gene will change. Our gene used to produce specific proteins that characteristic of skin's youth. With the power of lancome genifique, it can awake and activate the production of youth proteins. Increase my face elasticity. Now, my skin really smooth, silky smooth, and firm. On the other hand, my skin hydrated, even skin toned and bright like porcelain. 10 years research and 7 international patents. It really worth for me now. Worth for everything. Anti-aging can start as soon as possible. Few years ago, most of beauty consultant said anti aging only start use after 25 years old. I just reach 25 years old. I really hope can reserve my age for this moment when i in 30-40s.

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