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Monday, July 5, 2010

A date with Life Code Anti Aging Center

Thanks to Tammy plusizekitten for the special invitation to visit the Life Code Centre. I would like to share some information and photo for this event.Too bad because i not manage to try the Miracle ST (Super Tourmaline) House. I only able to attend their skincare and cosmetic workshop. I like the workshop very much.
Inside the room, it decorated very nice and comfortable
Many cosmetics...woah..i like it so much..so colourful
Varies of Eyeshadow

Skincare product

The skincare workshop and makeover demo by Life Code product trainer, Chris Loke. I love the Natural Organic Makeup Series and skin care series too.

I like those lip gloss and very colourful..Cheer my day

Life Code Instant Brigtening Lipstick & Lip Gloss blended with natural organic skin firming ingredients and herbal extract, it could stimulate and activate the collagen fiber and protect the elastic proteins from damages. It refine find lines on lips and delivers optimal anti-aging effect, leaves lip soft, smooth, firm and attractive. The special natural moisturizing essence deeply nourishes and moisturizes lips, its fresh, smooth and silky textures give lips a colorful touch.

Nice design of lipgloss and can act as blusher too..:)..Pretty..:P

Varies colour of eye shadow..Pretty lip gloss
Nice packaging..Wink wink

I like those eyeshadow too..blink blink..got shimmer

The purple colour eyeshadow..like it so much

This was the purple colour eyeshadow

ST Eye Shadow & Tricolor Anti-Wrinkle Eye Shadow contains natural extracted anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid, it could rapidly penetrate into skin, lift up and firm eye bags. It refine fine lines around eye corners, eye lids and effectively eliminates deep wrinkles.It help protecting doft skin around the eyes from free radicals and harmful enviromental factors. Effectively tighten the sagging skin of eyelid, and improve the slight wrinkles of canthus and eyelid. The color design is awesome and pretty match.lovely pink blusher..like pink panther colour

The Bicolor Anti-Speckle Blush(Left) blended with natural organic Tocopherol herbal extract that can deeply nourishes and whitens skin, effectively prevents and improves skin pigmentation, dull complexion, uneven skin tone and repairs damaged skin. The texture are soft and smooth, long lasting and intimately infused into skin.

nice blusher tone

More photo

I like the environment so comfort and relax..A good place to relax your mind and body

Product display in shelf

Nice environmet
I like this logo very much..A girl and a boy. made me felt so harmony
The outlook of the center.

After the special tour ended, Life Code management treated us dinner at Rasa Sayang Restaurant located downstairs of Life Code Centre building. And all the blogger get to bring a goodies bag worth RM25.

Inside include Deep cleansing milk, day cream, BioTRA moisturising essence,and rejuvenating collagen

For more information about Life Code please visit their website at
or make appointment for the ST Whitening House Free Trial
(First try no charge) Contact : 03- 2289 0888
Again, Thanks for Tammy's invitation for this wonderful workshop and Life Code Anti-Aging International Berhad for giving me the opportunity to experiences Life Code services and products.


  1. your pictures are great! heheh i still havent got mine up and running yet! u gals are soooo hardworking la~

    xoxo elle

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